The curator

The curator of this year's Biennale Artbox Expo is Patricia Zenklusen. She has been active in the global art business for over 30 years - formerly a successful international artist herself and now CEO of ARTBOX Groups and Director of the SWISSARTEXPO. Over the years, she has always distinguished herself as a great supporter of platforms for emerging artists. 

At the art exhibitions curated by Patricia Zenklusen, the focus is entirely on presenting emerging artists. In her exhibitions, she attaches great importance to combining classic art exhibitions with new technologies such as virtual reality or the presentation of NFTs. The primary aim is to provide artists with access to these platforms. Patricia Zenklusen explains: "Particularly in today's digitalised age, we consider it essential that artists do not remain bound to the classic forms of exhibition. The digital world, whether it be the internet, digital presentations or virtual reality offers various possibilities and opportunities from which artists should definitely benefit from".