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The Art Expo

why we do what we do!

With the ARTBOX Expos, we pursue the goal of creating international platforms that enable emerging artists to easily show their art to a large audience worldwide! 

Biennale Art Expo
Biennale Art Expo
where we do it!

Biennale Artbox Expo will take place in Venice from March - July 2022 during the Biennale Arte di Venezia in the wonderful Tana Art Space directly at Fondamenta de la Tana 2109A, Venice! 

Biennale Art Expo
facts & figures
  • During the 2022 Biennale Arte di Venezia

  • The Biennale Artbox Expo will take place in the dedicated Tana Art Space at Fodamenta de la Tana 2109A, Venice

  • The motto of the Artbox Expo is "Globalise the artworld" and it is open to all artists, regardless of nationality.

  • The Artbox Expo will take place from 8.3 - 30.7.2022.

  • The Biennale Arte di Venezia has been held biennially in Venice since 1895, making it the oldest Biennale ever, the Biennale Artbox Expo is not an official part of the Biennale Arte di Venezia and aims to create a platform for artists from all over the world.

  • The Biennale Artbox Expo will take place for the first time in 2022

  • The Biennale Artbox Expo aims to create this platform at different Biennales around the world, 2022 is the start of this platform.



Biennale Art Expo
globalise the artworld

The term globalisation describes the process of increasing worldwide interconnections in many areas - between individuals, societies, states and also art! We think it's brilliant that thanks to globalisation and digitalisation, new possibilities are constantly emerging to make art accessible to the whole world! We believe that art should know no borders. To support this process, we are constantly working to open up new worlds for artists by creating global platforms and constantly exploring how new technologies such as NFTs or virtual reality can be integrated into our exhibition concepts. 


the curator

The curator of this year's Biennale Artbox Expo is Patricia Zenklusen. She has been active in the global art business for over 30 years - formerly a successful international artist herself and now CEO of ARTBOX Groups and Director of the SWISSARTEXPO. Over the years, she has always distinguished herself as a great supporter of platforms for emerging artists. 

Biennale Art Expo
Biennale Art Expo
how we do it!

We create different platforms that enable artists to be present with their art during the great biennials of this world. In Venice, we do this by making a unique space in the heart of the city accessible to artists from all around the globe.

Biennale Art Expo
How you can be a part of it!

Fundamentally, the exhibition is put together by our curator Patricia Zenklusen, however, there are various ways for upcoming artists from all around the world to show their art at the Biennale Artbox Expo.

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